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404 on front page when I install demo data


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    Krista Burdine started the conversation

    I have installed the theme, I've installed the demo as stated in the documentation, ensuring that the required plugins are installed and activated.  When I install the demo data with one click...  the front page shows a 404 error. 

    any ideas why this is not working with one click?

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    Krista Burdine replied


    I seemed to have been able to fix this, but i think you need to update your documentation as this was not a "one click" installation.  Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but after installing the demo (Appearance > Install Demo), I had to then set the front page and blog pages (not mentioned in the One Click Installation section of the documentation).  I did this by going to Appearance > Customize > Static Frontpage and set Frontpage dropdown to be Home and set Posts Page dropdown to be Blog.  If this is indeed the way to do this, then I would love to see a note added to the One Click Installation section that documents this required step.  I'm guessing that more experienced WP users would know to do that... but I would have expected the installer to set those pages for me.

    Hope this helps anyone else who ran across this.

    thanks for a great theme!

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    Abdullah replied

    Hi Krista,

    First of all, thank you for purchasing our Saline WordPress theme.

    Actually, yes all the necessary steps including the frontpage and blog for post page, once you run the one click installer. However, we'll add a note to the documentation for those kind of rare situattion. Thank yo for your cooperations though. Muct appreciated.

    Please let us know if you run into another problem or something remain unlcear. We'd gladly help you out

    Best Regards